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A Sea of Colour at Kings Beach Multicultural Fiesta – Festuri

A Sea of Colour at Kings Beach Multicultural Fiesta – Festuri

Red is the global colour of passion. Red was also the colour worn by the army of volunteers at the recent Multicultural Festival at Kings Beach, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and passion was the key ingredient needed to catapult the event into its 15th consecutive year. To ensure it continues to be an important date on the coastline’s annual events calendar. It’s been named “FESTURI” – and it is simply a celebration of all cultures.

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While each is completely unique in their country of origin, events such as Festuri provide the platform for performers and a space for all people from all ethnic backgrounds to join harmoniously together in a celebration of humankind and experience things outside their own daily lives. The perfect setting to compliment that objective is a beautiful Australian beachside parkland on a beautiful sunny springtime weekend. Choose between a BBQ burger or a spicy noodle dish – modern Aussies now call that, “paradise on earth”!

The leader of this vibrant army of red soldiers, Dominique Cisis, was sort of hard to track down. Only because, camouflaged in his army fatigues, he was busy racing from one end of the festival to the other checking that all performing stages were running to schedule and that the festival was all going to plan. Dominique stepped up this year to lead the festival committee as there was a definite possibility that it may not go ahead this year. But having lived in the area now with his family for the last 25 years and being an integral part of the diverse range of people, young and aging, now living along the coastline, failure of the festival was not an option for Dominique. So rise to the occasion he did and the festival has been reborn with conviction and purpose.

Dominique has a strong and impassioned desire to show the vibrant and positive side to multicultural Australia that is sometimes politicised and reported negatively through the images of commercial television. What better way then, to place it right in the heart of the community and encourage direct interaction through education of the cultural arts. Now more than ever as the world’s population becomes bigger but globalisation makes it smaller, we need to all pull together and understand and appreciate our neighbours both close and far away. By placing the festival in the backyard of the community, it makes it easily accessible for the residents and visitors to the area.

The central stage of the festival flanked by a smaller one showcased singers, dancers and musicians from many cultural backgrounds, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Columbia just to name a few. There was even a band of enthusiastic local Ukulele players that took the audience on a trip down memory lane with some old time tunes followed by a brightly attired choir sharing the tribal sounds of South Africa. It was truly a feast for the ears. If you wanted to do, and not just listen, you could sit cross legged on the sand and learn how to weave a basket from tree twining or test your skills as a Jamaican drummer and jam with other fellow festival goers. There was something for everyone.

All in all, the whole weekend was a sea of colour, endless activity and a smorgasbord of sound from start to finish. Dominique’s vision is to have the festival repeated in all major centres along the Sunshine Coast throughout the year so that as many people as possible are easily able to partake in this amazing experience. His wish is that it continues for another 15 years and beyond. So come along next year and share that vision.

If you think you may have something to offer the festival, contact us here at KOPI BRISBANE and we will pass your details on to the festival committee.

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