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Kopi Brisbane Blog provides a summary of activities, articles and information.

Korean Food Basics

Koreans usually have rice (pab), soup (kuk), spicy pickled vegetables (kimchi), and other side dishes (panchan) for almost every meal. They normally eat with a spoon and chopsticks. The popular Korean dishes are usually very low in calories, being made of various...

Summerising and Paraphrasing

Paraphrase-Summary Difference Between Summary and Paraphrase The main difference between summary and paraphrase is that summary involves writing an account of the main points in brief while paraphrase involves expressing the meaning of another...

Indonesian Rice Pudding (Bubur Sumsum)

This is a very traditional recipe, that is known thoughout Indonesia. The Javanese named this Sumsum, which comes from the word bone marrow, this is because its appearance is like the bone marrow. Bubur sum sum is an Indonesian dessert made by cooking rice flour in...


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