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Being an Entrepreneur in Australia to Encourage Indonesian Economy

Being an Entrepreneur in Australia to Encourage Indonesian Economy
Brisbane mayor and Indonesian ambassador for Australia at IndOz2015
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Brisbane mayor and Indonesian ambassador for Australia at IndOz2015

BRISBANE – Indonesian Independence Day at 17 August 2015, was an important milestone to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Now, at the age of 70, Indonesia has transform to the country of the promising economic strength in Asia and achieves the success of economic growth of 6 percent progressively every year. Nevertheless, fundamental criticism is very often given to the character of building the national economy, which has more focus to the principle of growth, not to the equalization of economic opportunity. This creates imbalance in economy and even widening gap between the rich and the poor. This condition has become the concern of Indonesian citizen in Australia.

President of the Indonesian Diaspora Network Queensland (IDNQ), Noel Pranoto, said that Indonesian citizen living overseas, especially in Australia, should be able to catch the business opportunity in the middle of the relationship strengthening effort between these two countries. Noel realized that the small proportion of Indonesian entrepreneur, compare to the size of the population is one of the triggers for slow economic growth in Indonesia. Ideally, the number of entrepreneur is minimum 2 percent from the total population of a country. Right now Indonesia has 1,3 percent, Malaysia already has 3-4 percent, and Singapore already have 7 percent from the total population. “We, in IDNQ has the commitment to support the opportunity of business for Indonesian citizen in Australia,” said Noel, who was born in Cilacap, Central Java (1/8/2015).

Noel believes that the eagerness of Indonesian citizen in Australia to actively create new businesses will be a great help to untangle the country’s knots of economic intricacy. “If we are in Australia and actively work for business opportunity between two countries, start with the small one, and the national economy in the countries will receive the effect,” said Noel enthusiastically. Noel, together with other IDNQ’s members, tries to get synergy of movement of the organizations with some elements in Australia to connect the small and medium entrepreneur with wider and bigger entrepreneurs in Queensland specifically and Australia generally.

Soetjie Klein, who was formally a lecturer of Law at Indonesian University, one of the active members of Indonesian Organization in Queensland (PIQ) also has the same opinion. The low level of interest to be an entrepreneur makes Indonesian more consumptive.The local entrepreneur is not optimally capturing the big market opportunity of the 245 million Indonesian populations.

A similar view is also held by Rahmawati Roesydi, an Indonesian citizen who was formally the GM of a German company in Indonesia, consumptive character has to be supported by the high entrepreneurship to support the consumption. It is the view of many people that Indonesian government is still not able to sell the business potential, tourism, and other trading commodities from our country, so at the 70th year of Indonesian Independence Day, the momentum is perfect to start something from the Indonesian entrepreneurs. “We as Indonesian citizen in overseas countries need to be more aggressive to be the business ambassadors of Indonesia. With our creativity, let’s market our products overseas,” said Rahma with a strong enthusiastic attitude (8/8/2015).

Rahma underlined, the business creativity will slowly move the wheel of country economic growth inside the bilateral relationship of the two countries. If the business communication is already started, so the level will not only between people to people diplomacy but also part of the constructive diplomacy, which will trigger the demand of interdependency between the two countries. So this is not just about the business but also every step and our movements will be the spearhead of soft diplomacy, which will improve and strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and Australia ahead. Hopefully Indonesian economy will improve significantly,” she concluded.

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