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Senior Police Constable: Brisbane is home for Indonesians

Senior Police Constable: Brisbane is home for Indonesians

We felt a warm feeling of positive support when Kopi Brisbane paid a visit to Senior Constable,   Peter Davidson at Yamanto Police Station, Queensland Police Service.

Peter Davidson would very much like to be involved with the Indonesian community via the work of Kopi Brisbane to help provide advice or assistance in any matters relating to the Queensland Police Service.

Senior Constable Peter Davidson
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Senior Constable Peter Davidson

Peter is currently stationed at the Yamanto Police Station within the Ipswich District. During the last five years Senior Constable Davidson has served in several places in Queensland, including Gympie Police Station, Ipswich and Yamanto Police Stations. Prior to joining the Queensland Police Service Senior Constable Davidson was employed within Queensland Corrective Services at the Borallon Correctional Centre. He has a vast knowledge about policing matters as well as the Queensland justice system.

Interestingly, Senior Constable Davidson is also a first year student at the University of New England and is currently studying Bahasa Indonesia and therefore has a keen interest in working with the Indonesian community and Kopi Brisbane to establish a strong relationship in order to provide assistance to the Indonesian community. As part of his role as a Police Officer, Senior Constable Davidson has noticed difficulties for the Indonesian community to obtain assistance or advice in relation to many aspects of the criminal justice system – including victims of crime, domestic violence incidents, government and policing matters and traffic / vehicle related matters.

Kopi Brisbane took a moment to chat with Senior Constable Davidson about his interest in helping the Indonesian community and his motivation for learning Indonesian:

Kopi Brisbane:  What motivated you to want to help Indonesians in Queensland?

Senior Constable Peter Davidson: Within the Queensland Police Service we have many Officers or departments that assist with many cultural groups such as indigenous Australians, Chinese, Sudanese, etc.; however there is no officer who assists with enquiries or problems from the Indonesian community. I have identified this shortcoming in our service delivery and have made it my business to rectify this. Through research I have conducted I have noticed that members of the Queensland Indonesian community have been victims of crime and are unsure of how to report this or how to interact with Police. My aim is to show the Indonesian community that Police are here to help. Further to this language should not be a barrier between us. This is why I am learning Indonesian, to be able to communicate better with community members who struggle with English

Kopi Brisbane: What made you want to learn the Indonesian language?

Senior Constable Peter Davidson: “The first time I travelled to Indonesia I went to Bali. On the first day I fell in love with the place and the kind and gentle people. From this time I decided I wanted to learn the Indonesian language. In my work I also wanted to assist the Indonesian community; however I found that some Indonesian people struggled with the English language. So I made it my goal to learn Indonesian to be able to assist these community members and hopefully be able to communicate in a way that makes them comfortable.

Kopi Brisbane: How do you see Indonesian people who live in Queensland?

Senior Constable Peter Davidson:  I see the Indonesian people as a kind and gentle culture wherever they reside. Within Queensland I see a culture that is proud and loves this state. I think that Indonesian people integrate into Queensland very well, as we are similar in many ways. However, I do see that language can be a big barrier. My aim is to let the Indonesian community know that there is someone out there that wants to help, regardless of language skills or background. The Indonesian culture is strong and beautiful and is a great match to our Australian culture here in Queensland.

Kopi Brisbane: How do you see the relationship between Indonesian and Australian?

Senior Constable Peter Davidson: The Australian and Indonesian relationship is strong. On an international scale the relationship between our two countries is based on mutual respect and admiration. Although a strained relationship at times our two countries have always overcome adversity to remain strong. Within Queensland I admire the Indonesian culture shining though. I was fortunate enough to attend the Indoz festival here in Brisbane. I was treated with great respect by every Indonesian person I met. I was in awe of the display of Indonesian culture and was inspired to start my relationship with Kopi Brisbane. I want to help strengthen the relationship between the Queensland Police Service and the Indonesian community, as well as our international relationship between our two countries.

It is inspiring to hear such positive words about Indonesia from an upstanding member of the Australian community. If you have any issues you believe you need assistance with please do not hesitate to contact Peter at the Yamanto Police Station on (07) 3817 1333 or email  Also if you see Peter at a local Indonesian event please do stop and introduce yourself.

With this support Kopi Brisbane believe that Indonesian will feel more and more Brisbane as Home. Kopi Brisbane is happy to work together with Australian institution to work together to help the Indonesian community living here in Brisbane.

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